Migrating to Australia? Know the Facts

6 November 2019 - If you’re considering migrating to Australia, there are some very important things to factor in before you make the decision to move.

DID YOU KNOW? Your South African credit rating does NOT follow you into Australia

That’s right. No matter how good your credit rating is in the country you’re coming from – once you step foot in Australia as a migrant, you will have to start afresh

What does this mean?

Without a crediting rating, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to borrow money from an Australian lender until you have at least 18 months work history in Australia. This means that, for the first one and half years, you will need to pay CASH for everything and you will most likely not be able to:
   •  Buy a new home on arrival
   •  Get finance for a car
   •  And even apply for cable TV

Thinking of renting for 6 months? Think again

When applying to rent property in Australia, the standard process that is followed involves a credit check on all applicants. So, with no work history or local personal references, it is extremely difficult, nigh on impossible, to get accepted as a tenant, and if you are accepted, get ready to fork out in excess of 6 months’ rent in advance to cover the risk.  

A prime example of this comes from a South African client and aspiring Australian migrant who met with us quite some time back. When it came to moving time, they found out the hard way that we were telling the truth when we said it was difficult to rent property without a credit rating. This is what they had to say:

“We are TRYING our hardest to get a property to rent and I think it would be easier to pull teeth from a dead cow! Wish we had listened to all you had to say before.”

What can you do to fix this?

Luckily, there is a way to ensure that you are financially secure BEFORE you arrive in Australia. All you have to do is show that you have had the capacity to pay in Australia. How do you this? By buying an investment property before you depart. 

Mortgage can be organised in Australia on presentation of proof of income in your own country, which means that you will only need access to 20% to 30% deposits.  In fact, you can access that same deposit once you have PR, Australian income and an Australian driver’s license.

PLUS you will be paying less tax each and every year when working in Australia as the Australian Government gives huge tax incentives to people who invest in rental property.

What’s more – all the tax credits you earn are fully accruable, so if you are in a position to invest NOW and you decide not to move for two or three years, you will get an immediate cash injection of $30,000 or more when you do finally get off the plane to start your new life in Oz.

That’s the price equivalent of 2 cars in HARD COLD CASH from tax savings in your first year of work!


    What drives the Australian marketplace 

  •     Where to buy 
  •     Which properties work best and why 
  •     How to organise an Australian mortgage from South Africa  
  •     Property Management Laws that protect you 
  •     How to pay little or NO TAX on rental income 
  •     How Buying a Property in Australia BEFORE relocation will assist you 
  •     Employment Potential
  •     Understanding the rental market
  •     Rental Returns 
  •     Cash Flow examples
  •     Exactly what funds you need and when

 As well as how to claim huge tax incentives and benefits from the Australian and State Governments, putting thousands of extra dollars in your pocket
References available from other South Africans who have invested through PR Australian Properties since 2001.

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