Why Australia?

reasons to invest in australia


 Why do people choose to invest their lives or some of their money in Australia? There are many factors that make Australia a good investment – apart from being a great place to live, this beautiful country also offers many significant benefits for foreign investors.

Australia is a developed country that is known world-over for its diverse culture, indigenous wildlife and magnificent landscapes. But what really makes Australia attractive to investors is its abundance of natural resources which have significantly strengthened its financial position and enabled it to rank highly in many global comparisons on factors such as standard of living, healthcare, education, etc.

Here are some reasons why people choose to invest in Australia:

  • ·        Australia’s warm, temperate climate continues to attract people from around the world
  • ·        Political stability and strong governance, gives rise to one of the world’s most stable economies
  • ·        Large supplies and exports of precious metals and industrial minerals have helped to drive a strong currency
  • ·        Australia has one of the highest population growths in the world
  • ·        A well-established law system means that the rate of crime in Australia is significantly lower than other countries
  • ·        Development and infrastructure in Australia reaching an all-time high
  • ·        The unemployment rate in Australia remains low at 5.5%
  • ·        Australia is one of the few countries that has successfully endured the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)
  • ·        Australia has been nominated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as having the best regulated financial system in the world
  • ·        No death duties or inheritance tax

As at 9TH March 2020 Quick Facts

 Australia’s economy is:

·        the world’s 14th largest

·        rated AAA with a stable outlook by all three global rating agencies

·        forecast to realise average annual real GDP growth of 2.7% over the next five years – the highest among major advanced economies

·        characterised by diverse services and technology sectors and low government debt


The two primary reasons for people to consider investing in Australian property are:  



Investing in property BEFORE migrating offers significant benefits to the investor. Unfortunately very few people know of these and it can and does make a positive difference to their financial situation on arrival into Australia.


Diversification of Funds


The great advantage of investing in Australian property is that it allows for safe diversification of funds and provides an attractive yield capital growth. With Australia’s thriving economy and taxation benefits, there’s no better place to invest your money.