Rentals and Tenants

Australia is a very heavily regulated country which gives property investors peace of mind in a well-established legal and property buying system, especially with regards to landlord tenant rights. There is currently a housing shortage in Australia, which is well documented and with no immediate solution in sight. This places huge demand on rental properties.

Each state has a Residential Tenancy Act which varies from one region to another however, the key principles are essentially the same. The main purpose of the Residential Tenancy Act is to ensure that the landlord as well as the tenant is protected. Property managers are held responsible under Duty of Care laws in Australia, which defines very strict guidelines that need to be followed.

Let us be your eyes in your absence

PR Australian Properties gives property investors the reassurance that these rules and regulations are carefully adhered to at all times. We screen all property managers to ensure that they are capable of securing the best tenant and utilising effective property management procedures. Regular property inspections and reports ensure that the property is maintained to the highest standard, and professional maintenance and management supervision is one of the key roles that PR Australian Properties undertakes on your behalf.