Choosing a Property

What to look for in a sound property investment

So you’ve decided on buying investment property in Australia and have a clear picture of what your financial goals are. Now you’re ready to start searching for THE property – the one that will ensure strong long-term capital growth for maximum returns. The first question you should be asking when you start your search is: “Where is the best place to invest?"

The Australian property market cannot be viewed as a single entity; it’s made up of many different regions, each with its own property cycle. What may be happening in Sydney is different to what is happening in Melbourne, which in turn will be different to Brisbane, and so on. Buying property at the right part of the cycle is crucial and requires a great deal of research to get it right.

At PR Australian Properties, we specialise in locating the very best properties in Australia for non-residents, and have worked with South African investors since 2001. Our on-going research is based on a stringent 10 Point Property Test which has been proven to identify sound property investment opportunities in key areas.

The 10 Point Property Test

  1. Socio economy of the area
  2. Supply and demand, preferred style of property in area
  3. Presence of owner occupier vs. renters
  4. Development money and infrastructure in the area
  5. Employment in the area
  6. Timing
  7. Default history of the area
  8. Population growth in the area and demographics (age)
  9. Potential for gain
  10. Sales history and valuations