Choosing a Property

What to look for in a sound property investment

So you’ve decided on buying investment property in Australia and have a clear picture of what your financial goals are. Now you’re ready to start searching for THE property – the one that will ensure strong long-term capital growth for maximum returns. The first question you should be asking when you start your search is: “Where is the best place to invest?"

Types of Properties

Residential A: Single Dwelling

One house on a block of land – unlike Residential B properties, there are often no additional strata or body corporate fees on top of council rates for Residential A properties unless the property is in a planned estate with communal facilities like a pool, tennis court, gym, etc.

Rentals and Tenants

Australia is a very heavily regulated country which gives property investors peace of mind in a well-established legal and property buying system, especially with regards to landlord tenant rights. There is currently a housing shortage in Australia, which is well documented and with no immediate solution in sight. This places huge demand on rental properties.